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Smuggler Car Caches


At one time, the transportation of goods across the border was a fairly simple matter.  But over time, the customs offices acquired perfect technical devices, which now smuggling has become almost impossible.  And the experience of employees border does not hold.  Most attentively customs look at old cars.  They simply have more voids where you can hide an illegal product. Most of all, smugglers love Volkswagen Passat, Renault Scenic and Citroen – such cars attract special attention at any customs.

Лучший город в мире


Under the hood

 Strange?  No, customs have long been accustomed.  It seems to a scammer that they won’t get under the hood exactly, but they are looking first.

Лучший город в мире


And this is more interesting idea. The smuggler did not regret neither time nor money, nor his own car.  He took off the roof and hid the goods there!

Лучший город в мире


 Classics of the genre.  It is not even clear what a person counts on, hiding the “most expensive” in such an obvious place. However, someone lucky, I guess.

Лучший город в мире


 Remove the trim on the doors? No problem.  Why feel sorry for the car, if then you can make good money on the product? Here are just such caches are very often – unpretentious.

Лучший город в мире

Gas tank

Experienced craftsmen prefer to hide contraband more reliably – in the gas tank. Gasoline drains almost completely, and the product is packaged in waterproof packaging.

Лучший город в мире

Front Panel

Most often, automotive smugglers are caught by Lithuanian customs.  It is relatively easy to get to this country from Kaliningrad, which is what unscrupulous citizens use.  In the photo, the car of a girl who decided to smuggle cigarettes in a specially equipped cache right under the front panel of the car.

Лучший город в мире

Gas bottle

Often, attackers try to hide smuggling in gas cylinders.  Fill the tank with the product instead of fuel and forth.  When asked to switch to gas, a person simply connects a pre-equipped canister connected to the system.

Лучший город в мире


And one more “reliable” stash.  Only inexperienced, beginning crooks act like this.  The customs officer sees the bumper with the filling right away, even without special tools.

Лучший город в мире


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