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67-year-old Irishman donates his life’s collection of 2,300 miniature aeroplanes


How long does love for aeroplanes last in people’s lives? Irishman Michael Kelly, 67, has made sure that it lives forever. Kelly has donated his lifetime collection of over two thousand model aircraft, touted as the world’s largest in the world. Here’s a look at some of the planes from his coveted collection:


As a kid, Michael Kelly, now a 67-year-old resident of Limerick, Ireland, loved looking at planes and spotting them. He asked his parents to take him to the airport one day and that is when his passion grew further. He soon started collecting miniature aircraft. (Image: Reuters)


Collecting all 2,300 models wasn’t an easy task for Kelly. As per a Reuters report, none of the models was produced in Ireland. He travelled around the world for this. (Image: Reuters)


Kelly says he has spent about 400,000 to 500,000 euros (over Rs 3.3 crore to Rs 4.2 crore as of September 28) on his collection. (Image: Reuters)


Michael Kelly, who now lives in a renovated farmhouse in Limerick, Ireland, says that there were exhibitors from across the world “that would do anything” to purchase the collection. (Image: Reuters)


His collection, as per media reports, includes models of aircraft from 40 years old or more and some that are replicas of aircraft from 1940s. (Image: Reuters)


All the models are 1/200th of the size of a real jet plane. (Image: Reuters)


What is his favourite? Kelly says his favourite model is a Boeing-made KC Tanker (in picture) which is one of only 10 made around the world. (Image: Reuters)


Life has come a full circle for Kelly. His love for aeroplanes that bloomed on a trip to Shannon Airport with parents has now bloomed into a proper exhibit at the very same place.


Niall Maloney, operations director at Shannon Airport said that “it is a testament of the 60 years of his work and we are delighted that he has entrusted us to look after it for the next 100-years plus”. (Image: Reuters)


The collection was put on display from September 25 at Shannon Airport in Ireland and it will now be a permanent exhibition. (Information and images sourced from: Reuters)


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